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What Happens if Gum Disease Goes Untreated for Too Long

Posted on 3/23/2018 by Edelweiss Dental Implant Center
Gum Disease Edelweiss Dental Implant Center TX 75019-2733It's very easy to get gingivitis and other forms of gum disease when you don't practice good oral hygiene, the most important thing is that, if you have it you need to treat it immediately before it gets worse.

If you knew what could happen if you don't to treat gingivitis, chances are you will make a greater effort to visit us more often for checkups. Now we're going to talk about what Gingivitis is and what it can turn into if it's not treated within its first stage.

What is Gingivitis and What It Can Turn Into if Left Untreated

Gingivitis is a gum disease that forms when bacteria combines with starches in your mouth. They create a very sticky like film that covers your teeth and is known as plaque.

Plaque is really easy to remove with the right way to brush and floss. Also, rinsing with the right kind of mouthwash will remove the leftover food and bacteria in your mouth as well.

However, if the plaque is not removed over time it will begin to harden and turn into what is known as tartar, which will be removed with deeper cleaning by us Which is known as root planing. When plaque goes below the gum line, it will hurt your gums, causing them to turn red and swell.

When Gingivitis is left untreated it will turn into Periodontitis. When tartar goes below the gum line and the bacteria will cause infection, your gums will swell even more and begin recede from your teeth, this will cause pockets of infection to grow.

When Periodontitis Sets in, Your Teeth Will Decay

It's not a very good idea to let bacteria gain control of your mouth. Once it has the upper hand, tartar and plaque will start to eat away the hard-protective enamel that border your teeth.

When this happens, infection will set up camp in your teeth and cause them to decay, and even worse that infection can spread to your jaw, causing problems that will need to be corrected with a surgical procedure.

So, if you start to show signs and symptoms of this horrible disease, please don't want to call us!

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